My Story

When I was eight years old, I wrote a poem for Mrs. Brueggemann’s 2nd grade class. We were told beforehand to focus our poem on the four seasons, and this is what I wrote:

                                 In the Fall, all the leaves start falling off the trees.

                                 In the Winter, it gets cold and you have to wear snow boots up to your knees.

                                But  in the Spring, you have beautiful weather.

                                 In the summer, you can’t wear any leather. 


Profound, am I right? Since then, I’ve been a writer. Whether I’ve chosen to acknowledge this fact to myself or others, I have always felt most comfortable when expressing myself in the written form. In high school I was known by a couple of my friends as “Baby Pfeff”- after the most feared English teacher in the school Mrs. Pffeferkorn. (Shout out to my all-time favorite teacher!) In college I majored in English. In my adult life I became an English teacher. But a writer I was first and foremost. (I mean just read that poem again!)

Seriously though, I love to write. And it is my goal to hone my craft, and to reach as many people as I can, here on Al Gore’s internet.

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