A Lamentation for my Bank Account

Ahhh, yes. I am beginning the beginning of my posts on a sad note. Forgive me. But it must be said. Here, I am continuing my profound poetry ( I am Not a poet, I just pretend to be sometimes-but check out the first poem I remember writing in the “My Story” section of the blog) Comment below if you understand where I’m coming from!

You go by a new name

But I will always remember who you are

-what you’ve done to me

-how I’ve drowned under the weight of you

-how you’ve affected and continue to affect my life

            SallieMae or Navient, whatever you call yourself these days…

            A day will come when your joy will turn to ashes in your mouth

            And then you will know that your debt has been paid

(Shoutout to George R.R Martin for putting those last two lines into the mouth of Tyrion Lannister- a genius you are!)



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